1. "Bark Beats" © NVP with Live Like The Ancients

  2. "Grabbed by Earth" ©NVP with Live Like The Ancients 


  3. Pronounced: tuba-ler - It’s not Pandora, it’s not Rdio, it’s not Spotify, it’s Tubalr - and it’s music played back with simplicity. 

    What is it? In the developer’s words; “It’s a music app for listening to music content on YouTube. Just type a band’s name and click ‘Just’ or ‘Similar’. 

    It’s still in development, but Tubalr will be something to watch. 

  4. "High St" © NVP with Live Like The Ancients 


  5. Songwriting in the Cloud

    I’m writing a new song, it’s going great. But what’s even better about songwriting in 2012? I can write in the cloud. 

    When I first started writing, my favorite method was the fail safe, “Pen and Pad”. Keeping all the random lyric sheets meant organizing hundreds of scrawled out song theories. Cluttered mess.

    I’ve moved on.

    There is nothing better than typing my lyrics on a document hosted in the cloud, constantly being saved, easily organized and accessible - forever. 

    Cheers to Google, they’ve done it. 


  6. A new direction

    This was a page developed to showcase what Live Like The Ancients is doing around Winter Park, Orlando, Central Fla, The world.

    But! We’ve made a www.facebook.com/liveliketheancients as well as a

    http://twitter.com/liketheancients and many other websites, to do exactly that… 

    We’ve realized that tumblr could very easily fall between the cracks, and not get the attention it deserves. So;

    Live Like The Ancients’ tumblr will now feature an assortment of updates, ranging from LLTA’s own adventures, as well as entertainment/music industry news, podcasts from what’s on our minds, event updates, videos of past shows, and photos of the band.

    Stay tuned!

    -Live Like The Ancients web team


  7. The night sky shows the stars best, but while it feels like you’re looking up, you’re actually gazing out. 


  8. "My only goal is to stay completely positive, and not let the silly tribulations of life divert me from my unwavering tenacity to grit my teeth and stare directly into reality with a smile. Here’s to love, peace, and positive energy! Because success is the effect, not the cause. — James Marshall Phillips"

  9. "Peace Pipe" © Live Like The Ancients

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